About Us

After a combined working experience of more than two and a half decades in the architectural profession, Yuen Hong and Ee Lin, the principals of ipli Architects decided to form a practice with a core philosophy and aspirations that would match their own professional and personal ambitions.

Passionate about design and architecture, they were torn between giving every project the attention and time they deserved, with the economics of running a business. This was a constant source of frustration for both but they took on the challenge and ipli Architects was formed in 2001.

By radically changing their working approach, they were able to create a studio that gave equal importance to the pursuit of creativity and innovation with productivity. One of the key decisions was to take on only selective commissions in order to be able to provide the level of service and the personal attention that each and every project and client deserves. This would ensure that the partners would personally nurture each project undertaken throughout its life cycle, with seamless integration and symbiotic use of both partner's talents and experiences.

Every project undergoes vigorous working design explorations and detailing throughout the work stages to take advantage of site and budget potentials. All this is done within the agreed time- frame and with the intention to maximise and make good use of the client's budget.

Both partners have thrived under this "remodelled" studio environment and continue to develop and push the boundaries of design while striving to foster a nurturing, creative, flexible and learning practice.

Yip Yuen Hong

Yuen Hong graduated from NUS in 1987 and practised in the offices of William Lim Associates, HDB and Akitek Tenggara II before setting up HYLA Architects with two friends in 1993. Commonly referred to as the Y in HYLA, Yuen Hong left the firm in 2001 to set up ipli Architects with Ee Lin.

He is a registered architect under the Singapore Board of Architects and has honed his skills under distinguished architects such as William Lim, Tay Kheng Soon and Liu Tai Ker. Yuen Hong has worked on a wide variety of projects within Singapore and overseas, and is highly experienced in his field.

Yuen Hong has always had a particular soft spot for tropical architecture and is presently adapting them to a contemporary and local use. He often refers jokingly to his residential projects as modern kampung houses. His love for materials and craftsmanship is often present in his work where mundane materials take on a new lease of life. His projects are meticulously detailed and thought through. Problem areas and limitations are seen as avenues for him to stretch his creative prowess.

Yuen Hong is also a part-time tutor at the NUS and SUTD architectural schools. He enjoys participating with the students and draws inspiration from their dialogues.

Lee Ee Lin

Ee Lin graduated from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen in 1995 with a Masters of Science in Architecture.